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We're Rebranding!

We're Rebranding!

After 4 amazing years as Daydreamer Customs, we are going a new direction with this brand! I want to be clear: by “rebrand” I do not mean that everything we currently do is going into the trash and we will now be offering ceramics LOL or making organic dog treats or candles. Majority of things will be more or less the same, but there are some exciting changes on the way!

Why rebrand?

Our goal with this rebrand is to lean into becoming more of a lifestyle boutique as opposed to strictly a maker space. Why? It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time now to own a boutique. I have a passion and (currently untapped) talent for curating cute things people love. Seeing people excited about something I designed/created brings me SO much joy, and seeing them excited about items I picked out for them brings me a different kind of joy. That was a big part of what my full-time job was before I moved on from it earlier this summer, and I truly miss that feeling.

My life as a creative has had lots of chapters that have opened and closed ever since I was a child: from music to photography, from woodburning to designing jewelry, visual merchandising, macrame, the list goes on. My endgame was never to be a woodburning artist for the rest of my life. While it’s a craft that I really do enjoy and has a special place in my heart, it won’t be such a central part of our brand moving forward. Not saying I’m going to stop doing it altogether; I’ll just be taking a bit of a step back from it. 

What can you expect with our rebrand?

  • Our new name will be announced THIS WEEK on Friday, September 3! I’m so excited to share it with you along with our new packaging and branding!
  • We have also began using different metals for our jewelry, particularly gold-plate. This has been a very freeing change because opening myself to not strictly using raw brass has drastically widened my options for materials, and I’ve been having SO much fun designing new pieces for you guys! 10 new necklace designs are coming, along with a handful of new earrings!
  • We will be introducing RINGS to our product lineup! I’ve been shopping around for some super cute rings to add to the shop, and I think you will love some of the options we’ll be starting with! They are fun, on trend, and just what you need for your jewelry collection. Along with rings, we will also be adding another new accessory: SUNNIES! I am a HUGE sunglasses person – I love funky styles and I wear mine any time the sun is out, year-round. Getting to share my love for this one small but necessary accessory with y’all by sourcing my favorite fun styles is going to be a blast.
  • Lastly, we will be introducing a curated line of pre-loved vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, accessories, and homewares that I am BEYOND excited for! The lineup for this curated section is pretty dang awesome so far – you DON’T want to miss out on the reveal!

I know there’s a bit of a risk when it comes to changing parts of your business, whether those are big or small. I’ve been feeling this big push for change for a while now and to start going the direction I truly want to go, so I’m going to lean into that, ride the wave, and see where it goes!

I hope you will come along for this new adventure with me; no hard feelings if you don’t! I’m feeling really good and so excited about this decision to put my fear in the backseat and just GO FOR IT. Rebrand is going to be SO GOOD, you guys! Stay tuned for the big reveal this week and for our rebrand event weekend September 10-12!

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