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Daisy Agate Huggies

Huggie hoops are a must-have for your earring collection right now! This style features daisy-shaped agate stones, a square brass charm, and smaller agate beads towards the top of the earring. The colors in each agate stone are unique and will vary between red, cream, gray, and yellow. See photos for an example.


  • They are just a hair under 2 inches long and very lightweight to wear!
  • All hardware on this style, including the ear pin, is raw brass
  • The hanging portion of the earring is removable from the hoop
  • choose to purchase with the huggie hoop or without (a great option if you are plan to purchase more than one style of huggie earrings! That way you can switch out your charms while using the same hoop)

*Note about raw brass: raw brass develops a patina on it over time with wear, giving it a vintage look. Some love this look while others prefer to keep their jewelry bright and shiny. If that describes you, your brass jewelry can easily be cleaned and restored by using a jewelry polishing cloth. You will receive a complimentary cloth whenever you order brass jewelry from Daydreamer Customs!

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